Links and Tips To Help Navigate Through The VA

Veterans Talk is a resource for our brave men and women of the armed forces to get help navigating through the Veterans Administration.

All four of the Veterans who are the creators of this website have had some trying times getting veterans benefits they earned while defending this country and the ideals of freedom which spread throughout.  Their years of effort led to being recognized by the government as  100% disabled veterans.

After conversations with other veterans, it was apparent there are hundreds, if not thousands of vets unaware of the benefits owed them.  Also, 30 veterans attempt suicide each day.  Although 12 do not succeed, the 18 that do are a real concern to all of us.

Our website was founded on the principles of helping other veterans survive, apply, and receive what they are due.  It is a commitment shared by the hosts no matter the cost!  Each week, they present topics to help vets navigate through the Veterans Administration Healthcare and Benefits Systems. We also discuss how the VA works so vets know what to expect when they seek help with the VA on our webcast called Veterans Talk.


We are always looking to improve ourselves. If you have ideas how we can make a better website and webcast we’d love to hear from you.

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Click Here: Senator Reid’s Comprehensive Guide for VA and State Benefits
Click Here: Nevada Department of Veteran Services for Benefits